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Lalijo Lalijo Coming Soon In Theaters !

2 years ago Lalijo Lalijo Coming Soon In Theaters !

'Lalijo Lalijo' is an upcoming horror thriller which grabbed our attention in the recent times as the trailer was very promising and something new. Though the entire star cast is new, the production values seem to be very high with a unique concept and the cinematography appears to be brilliant and is no less than any experienced professional team work. The trailer got a tremendous response for its interesting horror plot.

Its an added advantage to cast new talent as they try to give their best to prove themselves in their debut movies and the result will be fruitful for sure. The best part of this movie is we will get to see some fresh talent being introduced to the Tollywood industry as everyone from the director to the sound Engineer is making their debut with this movie. This is really so refreshing.

The Odia Power star Sambeet Acharya is introduced to Tollywood as a male lead in this movie and Malayalam actress Neha Ratnakaran will be playing his lady love. This movie is directed by Mohan Srivatsasa. Bobbili Kiran and D.Shankar Gaud are the producers. Melody Srinivas is scoring the music.

So, get ready for a thrilling and mind-blowing experience coming soon in theaters.