‘Wife Of Ram’ – Movie Review

Release Date :20 Jul 2018

Run Time :119 Minutes

Genres :Drama Thriller

Music :Raghu Dixit

Director :Vijay Yellakanti

Producer :T G Viswaprasad, Manchu Lakshmi

Manchu Lakshmi is getting good appreciation with the different kind of movies that she is opting for. She acted in 'Wife Of Ram' as she got impressed with the story rendered by the director. The movies showcases that women have to keep up their self respect in every circumstance and stay strong. Manchu Lakshmi acted in the role of ‘Diksha’ the wife of Ram.


Diksha (Manchu Lakshmi) and her husband Ram ( Samrat) meet with an accident in which Ram expires and Diksha aborts her child. As Diksha survives she suspects that this is not a mere accident but someone has plotted to kill her husband. She raises a complaint to the police but they just close the case saying there is no proper evidence. Dissatisfied with this Diksha herself starts investigating the case and starts collecting evidences. Ramanachari (Priyadarshi), a police man helps Diksha in her struggles. Could Diksha succeed in finding the culprits is what we have to watch on screen.

Plus Points:

  • Lakshmi’s performance is outstanding
  • The twist in the climax is impressive

Minus Points:

  • Slow narration
  • Reminds the Hindi movie ‘Kahani’
  • Comedy is totally missing which makes the film too heavy to handle

Technical Aspects:

  • background score is impressive.
  • Cinematography is brilliant.


For those who wish to watch a good movie with a serious social message can go for it this weekend.