'Sammohanam'- Movie Review

Release Date :15 Jun 2018

Run Time :142 Minutes

Genres :Romance

Music :Vivek Sagar

Writer :Mohan Krishna Indraganti

Director :Mohan Krishna Indraganti

Producer :Sivalenka Krishna Prasad

Sammohanam is a love story between a guy who is not at all interested in movies and a successful heroine. The flash back episode of the heroine in the second half seems very routine and common. Dialogues are very good. Specially the dialogues about how common people talk about film industry and about the greatness of Telugu language are very impressive. The facts that hero believing in the greatness of Telugu but he and his family speaking in English most of the times, are contradicting each other. But as the hero's family is showcased as an upper middle class family we can rule this out. Indraganti can be complimented for shaping up an old routine story into a beautiful film without making the audience get bored throughout.


Vijay(Sudheer babu) is a child illustrator who hates cinema and people belonging to cine field. But the hero's father(Naresh) is a big fan of movies. After his retirement he tries to get some opportunities to act in movies. He once happens to give his house for shoot to a cinema unit free of cost and demands a role in the movie. The heroine of that movie Sameera(Aditi) can’t speak Telugu as she is a North Indian. She requests Vijay to teach her Telugu. During the process they fall in love. After that there would be some situations which lead to their separation. How both of them reunite is the story all about.

Plus Points:

  • Performances of all the actors
  • Music
  • BGM
  • Cinematography
  • Comedy

Minus Points:

  • Routine second half

Technical Aspects:

  • Good Production values
  • Impressive Camera work
  • Excellent Music and BGM


This is definitely a very good family entertainer with a mix of family emotions and love. Go for it this weekend.