'Sakshyam' - Movie Review

Release Date :27 Jul 2018

Run Time :166 Minutes

Genres :Action Fantasy Thriller

Music :Harshavardhan

Director :Sriwass

Producer :Abhishek Nama

A fantasy action thriller 'Sakshyam' starring Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas and Pooja Hegde had hit the screens today. The story depicts how the five elements of nature come together to help the hero take revenge on the assailants of his parents though they leave no evidence of crime. The movie is made with high production values and wonderful VFX works. It has a huge star cast, we can say a band wagon of villains in the movie with whom the hero battles and manages to win.


The story opens with a gang of dangerous goons lead by Munu Swamy (Jagapathi Babu) attacking a village and torturing innocent villagers. They happen to kill an entire family and destroy all the evidences, except a baby boy who gets saved by a cow miraculously. This baby boy reaches a business tycoon Siva Prakash in Kasi who doesn't have children and grows up to be a young man Vishwagna (Bellamkonda Srinivas) . He happens to become a video game designer.

Viswa goes fly boarding and sand boarding in Dubai and designs a fabulous game. But when he needs a traditional element enters the heroine Soundaya lahari  (Pooja Hegde) who teaches Indian tradition and culture in a temple of Newyork. He falls in love with her in the first site. But she suddenly returns to India.

Viswa follows her and lands up in the same village where his family was killed. He then gets tangled up in the issues related to Soundarya’s family. He happens to indulge with the same set of goons and the nature helps him in avenging his parent’s death. How he kills the gang of goons who are none other than Munu Swamy and his brothers, one after the other forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

  • Production Values
  • Action sequences
  • Performances
  • Graphics
  • Interval block
  • Hero's action episodes and heroines glamour 

Minus Points:

  • Songs
  • Weak love track
  • Lack of comedy

Technical Aspects:

  • Background music is good
  • Outstanding camera work
  • Editing could have been better


An appealing film for mass audience and those who are interested in supernatural elements. Can go and watch without carrying expectations.