'RX100' - Movie Review

Release Date :12 Jul 2018

Run Time :152 Minutes

Genres :Action , Romance

Music :Chaitan Bharadwaj

Director :AjayBhupathi

Producer :AshokReddyGummakonda

If the content is good even small movies are getting received very well these days. There are many movies which released without any expectations and stood out to be super hits. One such movie is RX 100 which is made with all new star cast. Since the release of the trailer itself, this movie managed to create some expectations. The movie is helmed by the disciple of RGV, Ajay Bhupathi. 


Siva and Indu are deeply in love. Indu’s father  Viswanadham who comes to know about this gets her married and sends her off to America. Siva keeps waiting for Indu. Meanwhile Siva’s father keeps worrying about his son who is always lost in the thoughts of Indu. He keeps running around Viswanatham’s house like insane. One fine day Indu returns. What happens after that is to be watched on the silver screen. 

Plus Points:

  • Novel treatment of a love story
  • Acting of the lead pair

Minus Points:

  • Dragging story
  • Back ground score is not impressive
  • Away from nativity
  • Songs disturbed the flow of the movie

Technical Aspects:

  • Impressive visuals
  • Good camera work
  • Production values are good


Can go and have fun during the weekend if you wish to watch something really different from the routine stuff.