'Rachayitha' - Movie Review

Release Date :16 Feb 2018

Genres :Horror Thriller

Music :Shaan Rahman,JB

Director :Vidya Sagar Raju

Producer :Kalyan Dhulipala

Aditya Varma tries to give a new life to his school days love, Padmavati (Sanchitha Padukone). In order to distract her mind from sadness, Aditya Varma takes her to a new place. Padmavati starts behaving strangely from then. Why does Padmavati behave like this? Is the story all about.


Aditya Varama (Vidya Sagar Raju) loves Padmavati (Sanchita Padukone) during his school days. He is reprimanded by Padmavati's mother, who is his teacher, when Aditya Varma gives love letter. This leads to Aditya discontinuing school. Aditya becomes a writer and returns after 13 years to meet his love just to find that she is married and widowed. Aditya takes it upon himself to revive Padmavati's life by taking her to a new place to give her new environment.

In order to take Padmavati's mind off her situation, Aditya Varma pens a horror story and gives it to Padmavati to read. Padmavati's behavior changes drastically from then on. What is it which caused the change in Padmavati's behavior is the rest of the story all about.

Plus Points:

  • Vidya Sagar Rao as Aditya Varma did a very good job
  • Sanchita Padukone justifies her role, with excellent expressions
  • Cinematography
  • Background Score
  • Direction
  • Interval Bang and Climax

Minus Points:

  • Old Story
  • Slow second half 
  • Showing the same scenes again and again
  • Second half editing

Technical Aspects:

  • Good music by Shaan Rahman, Jeevan B's haunting background score is a big plus to this movie which elevates the scenes. 
  • The cinematography is good and captures the mood of the scene well.
  • Direction by Vidya Sagar Raju is good, considering the routine nature of the story, the screenplay has been impressive.
  • Good production values.


If you are keen on thrilling yourself with a story filled with twists and turns, go watch it.

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