'Pantham' - Movie Review

Release Date :05 Jul 2018

Run Time :122 Minutes

Genres :Action Drama

Music :Gopi Sundar

Writer :K Chakravarthy

Director :K Chakravarthy

Producer :K. K. Radhamohan

‘Pantham’ is a message oriented commercial entertainer starring Gopi Chand. This is his 25th movie. His character in this movie reminds us of the classic Robin Hood. Innovative ideas of robbing are showcased in the movie as the plot demands. Also a decent amount of comedy is generated by Prudhvi Raj.  The second half reveals some interesting aspects of the movie on the reasons of hero’s behavior, being a rich person why he takes to robbery and why he distributes others money to the poor is what excites the audience. Mehreen impressed with her looks but unfortunately there is nothing for her to portray in terms of acting.



Hero keeps robbing the money of two ministers belonging to a state with some innovative plans. He chooses different ways of robbing, once from the minister convoy, once from the compartment of a train and so on. He robs crores of Havala money from the ministers. On one occasion one of the ministers comes to know who was the person robbing their money all through. Why the hero had to do that being a rich person, why he was distributing that money to the needy and what action did those ministers take against the hero is what the story is all about.

Plus Points:

  • The looks of Hero
  • The actions sequences
  • Dialogues are good
  • Climax is captivating
  • Good amount of comedy

Minus Points:

  • Routine commercial story
  • Music could have been better

Technical Aspects:

  • Impressive Cinematography
  • Good Editing
  • Wonderful Action Choreography


 It can be a good time pass for the weekend for those who need action and comedy.