'Kirrak Party'-Movie Review

Release Date :16 Mar 2018

Genres :College drama

Music :B. Ajaneesh Lokanath

Director :Sharan Koppisetty

Producer :Anil Sunkara

'Kirrak Party' is the story of an engineering student Nikhil who naughtily enjoys his life hanging out with his friends. He falls in love with his senior and his life takes a sudden turn when a tragic incident hits him. How he emerges as a mature human being and how he overcomes all his problems in his life is the rest of the story.  


If you are an engineering student, the moment 'Kirrak Party' starts, it will take you down the memory lane and you will connect and lose yourself in the movie. It is well narrated and Nikhil steals the show. He is carefree as well as resolute. The golden journey from day 1 to the farewell is can be relived. It has all the elements which we experience in a college life like crush, fights, love, politics, juniors, seniors, hostel life and it is the journey of Nikhil who explores himself and his self-discovery is prompted by a woman and fulfilled by another. Nikhils Transformation into a strong leader. Fate is the antagonist in this story. Both the heroines Simran and Samyuktha play a key role in Nikhil's transfiguration from a young boy to a responsible leader.

Plus Points:

  • Nikhil's outstanding performance in two different shades.
  • Simran performed really well. Samyuktha has done a good job too.
  • Though the storyline is simple it keeps you engrossed.
  • College scenes make you nostalgic.
  • The climax is very emotional and Nikhil gave his best shot.
  • Competent performances.
  • Music.
  • Screenplay.

Minus Points:

  • Predictable story.
  • Second half is a bit slow.

Technical Aspects:

  • Rich production values.
  • good cinematography
  • wonderful screenplay
  • unique inventiveness of the story
  • music


Go for it and you will come back in a feel-good mood. Overall, it is an entertaining film.