'jai Simha' - Movie Review

Release Date :12 Jan 2018

Genres :Action Drama

Music :Chirantan Bhatt

Writer :M. Ratnam

Director :K. S. Ravikumar

Balakrishna (Narasimha) is one who cant bear with injustice. He always keeps fighting against violence. He moves to Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu with his new born where he finally settles down as a driver. Meanwhile a criminal Ashutosh Rana ( Rami reddy) tries to kill him for some reasons.  Why is ramireddy trying to kill Narasimha? What is his past? who is the mother of the kid? For all these answers  the stop is 'Jai Simha' movie.


The story mainly comprises of revenge drama involving politicians. Initially Ravi Shankar reddy who happens to be the son of a politician will be competing for an MP ticket where he creates some violence and Narasimha becomes an obstacle.  Ravi Shankar Reddy in this journey becomes responsible for so many deaths. Narasimha comes forward and awakens the people as to why are they even choosing  such kind of candidate for political governance. The people realize this fact and don't give way to Ravi Shankar Reddy who will not be able to give his Nomination. He considers this as a self respect issue and commits suicide. Ravi Shankar's father in a way to take revenge kills many of Narasimha's dear ones and goes to prison. Mean while the love plot is on with Nayantara, whose father ( Prakash Raj )is not willing to see them together asks Narasimha to leave his daughter. He sacrifices his love and gets married to someone else. Who is that someone else? Whose kid is the newly born? What happens when he comes across his ex girl friend. What role does Natasha Doshi have in the movie? What happens in the end? For these things you have to watch the story on screen.

Plus Points:

  • Balakrishna and Nayantara's performances
  • Good action sequences
  • Few emotional scenes
  • Good interval bang and climax

Minus Points:

  • Irrelevant comedy sequences after some emotional scenes/action scenes
  • Dragged story
  • Regular predictable  plot
  • Age old screenplay
  • A bit overdose of sentiment
  • More mass masala

Technical Aspects:

  • Songs composed by Chirantan Bhatt have gone well with the movie and the BGM blends well with the movie. Decent Camerawork.
  • Few appealing dialogues.
  • High production values.


'Jai Simha' is an emotional revenge drama which has an intense massy feel. Balakrishna impresses his fans in all ways possible. With good climax  'Jai Simha' makes a decent watch for fans and family audience.

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