'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi' - Movie Review

Release Date :29 Jun 2018

Run Time :140 Minutes

Genres :Comedy Drama

Music :Vivek Sagar

Writer :Tharun Bhascker

Director :Tharun Bhascker

Producer :Daggubati Suresh Babu

The movie ‘Ee Nagaraniki Eamindi’ showcases the behavior and thought process of the current generation youth. The consequences and problems they face due to this nature are shown hilariously in the movie. The process which the four main characters of the movie who are childhood friends follow as they try to fulfill their dreams forms the main plot of the story. The scenes in which the friends just sit and have a drink are picturized very naturally. The dialogue exchange between these friends and the entertaining scenes between them create interest. Overall the director Tarun Bhascker seems to have achieved his motive of spreading humor.


The story revolves around four friends who try to make a short film. During this process one of the friends Vivek falls in love. Due to some reason his girl friend betrays him. He then gets addicted to liquor. On the other hand, another friend Karthik wishes to marry a rich girl, the third one would be working as a dubbing artist and the fourth one works as an editor. As his marriage gets fixed Karthik throws a party during which he loses his ring. After this incident the story take lot many twists and turns which you need to watch on screen.

Plus Points:

  • Acting
  • Comedy
  • Background music

Minus Points:

  • Little dragging of scenes here and there
  • Not much emotion or romance is portrayed.

Technical Aspects:

  • Good direction
  • Excellent Background score
  • Good production values
  • Impressive Camera work


Director tried to justify the title of the movie to the maximum extent possible.  Overall this is a movie to watch with friends as a weekend hangout.