'e Ee' - Movie Review

Release Date :22 Dec 2017

Genres :Love

Music :Krishna Chetan

Director :Ram Ganpati Rao

Producer :Lakshman Rao

Siddhu (Neeraj Shyam) hates women and falls in love with Hasini(Nyra Shah) who is his MD. What events lead to Siddhu falling in love with Hasini is the story all about.


Siddhu who has his own reservations about women, one day finds Hasini joining his company as his MD. As time progresses, Siddhu's situations get complicated. During an outing with his colleagues, he has a verbal conflict with Hasini and goes on bad mouthing women. These words are not taken kindly by a sage who hears Siddhu abusing women and curses him.

What is this curse about? Will Siddhu get over the curse? Will Siddhu get over his hatred for women? What role does Hasini play his life? forms the crux of the story.

Plus Points:

  • Good scenes in the Second half
  • Nyra Shah did a good job
  • Neeraj is just about ok
  • Production values

Minus Points:

  • First Half - Routine story nothing exciting until interval
  • No chemistry between the lead pair
  • The curse of the sage appears as if it is forced into the movie, as it is unconvincing
  • Climax

Technical Aspects:


Cinematography by Amar is average


Narration by the director could have been better


Interesting concept, the second half of the movie is where it gets exciting.