'Awe'-Movie Review

Release Date :16 Feb 2018

Genres :Drama

Music :Mark K. Robin

Writer :Prasanth Varma

Director :Prasanth Varma

Producer :Nani, Prashanti Tipirneni

Every individual has his/her own life and few are destined to connect. 'Awe' is all about the respective characters and their problems who end up connected with each other. 


'Awe' comes under the hybrid-genre thriller. The plot of the film needs to be experienced by self and the story is difficult to put into words as it would ruin the visual pleasure and feel. There are elements of suspense, thrill, comedy, romance and many more. Kajal Aggarwal as Kali has a striking role. She has her own world of problems who joins others like Eesha Rebba(A girl from an orthodox family), Nithya Menon, Srinivas Avasarala (watchman of foodcourt) and Regina Cassandra (is always high on drugs) who are stuck up with their own pressures in life. While Priya Darshi plays a Chef and Murali Sharma plays a magician. 'Awe' is all about how all these peoples desires come together to form the essence of the story.

Plus Points:

  • The audience is offered a different take and most of the time we have to keep guessing things which is thrilling.
  • Unique and complex story handled well.
  • Stellar Star Cast justifying their roles perfectly.
  • Background Score
  • Voiceovers of Nani and Ravi Teja

Minus Points:

  • Maybe appealing only to a set of audience.
  • Some Scenes could have been chopped off.

Technical Aspects:

  • Rich production values.
  • Brilliant cinematography.
  • Unpredictable and extrordinary narration by Prashanth.
  • BGM compliments the scenes very well.


If you are interested in a completely different cinematic experience just go for 'Awe' and you will get 'Awe'd for sure. Unique is a small word for the movie.