‘2.O’- Movie Review

Release Date :29 Nov 2018

Run Time :146 Min

Genres :Action Thriller

Music :A R Rehman

Director :Shankar

Producer :A.SubhashKaran, RajuMahalingam

The much awaited visual wonder with extravagant VFX works and top class actors like Rajini Kanth and Akshay Kumar in the direction of Shankar has come out to theaters finally. The movie which was made with a whopping budget of 500 crores has been released in 2D and 3D as well. Let us see if it has reached the expectations of the audience.


Movie opens with an old man committing suicide by jumping down from a cell tower. He happens to be ornithologist who fails fighting with the system causing death of thousands of birds due to the radiations from cell phones.

All of a sudden all the cell phones in the city starts disappeared and getting snatched away by some force. Vaseegaran(Rajini Kanth) the scientist suspects the existence of a fifth force which is doing all this and gets back robo Chitti which was dismantled, in a new version 2.O to battle against it. Vaseegaran then finds out about Pakshi Raaja(Akshay Kumar), the ornithologist who committed suicide, turning into a massive bird built of cell phones, all set to destroy the world.  The rest of the story is how Vaseegaran along with other two robots Neela(Amy Jackson), a humanoid 3.O and Chitti destroys Pakshi Raaja.

Plus Points:

  • Fights between Chitti and Pakshi Raaja
  • Excellent Visual Effects
  • Flash back episode

Minus Points:

  • Not many shocking elements
  • Weak Emotional Scenes

Technical Aspects:

  • Hollywood range visual effects
  • Rehman mark re-recording
  • High end technicalities in all aspects


A visual retreat for Rajini Fans. If not for novelty in story, the movie is a must watch to enjoy the marvelous taking and outstanding performance by the star cast.

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