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Wink Girl In News Yet Again!

10 months ago Wink Girl In News Yet Again!

The girl who stole the hearts for the youth with a stylish wink has come up in the news yet again. She had created a sensation nationwide with her expressions in the song ‘Manikya Malaraayapuvi’ from the film ‘Oru Adar Love’. She was Googled by the youth to a large extent due to this. Hence she stood as the most searched for person on Google in the year 2018. In the second position stood the famous Indian dancer Sapna Chowdary. In the third and fourth positions stood Sonam Kapoor’s husband Anand Ahuja and Priyanka Chopra respectively.  Other search topics which were trending in Google were, How to send stickers in Whatspp?, How to link Aadhar to Phone number? What is happening in Siria? How to make rangoli? What is Section 377? How to invest in Bit Coin? How to make the mobile number portable? What is Kiki Challenge? Etc.