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Trivikram Provoked Rayalaseema!

11 months ago Trivikram Provoked Rayalaseema!

Raayalseema student, and people's unions are putting an allegation on director Trivikram, saying he has provoked the youth of Rayalaseema through his movie 'Aravinda Sametha'. They are saying that the film industry is behaving as if they have developed a grudge on Rayalaseema. They are demanding that as NTR starrer 'Aravainda Sametha' has some objectionable scenes related to Rayalaseema and they are to be removed immediately. Rayalaseema Porata Samithi has called for a press conference in which some student and public unions have expressed this. They are demanding an apology from Trivikram for making such a movie. They also said that few scenes in the movie may mislead the youth. They threatened to stop the shows of the movie if those scenes are not removed from it immediately.