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This Is How Kaushal Would Spend His Price Money!

11 months ago This Is How Kaushal Would Spend His Price Money!

Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu, came to an end yesterday with the grand finale to which Victory Venkatesh graced as the guest of honor. 

With a lot of excitement all the five participants were waiting for the result, as their families joined them in the show along with the exited participants. 

The participant who went first to the top five finalists Samrat was the first one to eliminate, while Deepthi Nallmothu and Tanish followed him. 

Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal Manda stood as the top 2 finalists and as expected Kaushal was declared the winner. He was so much excited that he jumped on the stage and embraced his family with tears in his eyes. 

After receiving the price money, he announced that as he lost his mother due to Cancer, he would use that money to help people suffering from Cancer. This gesture of his made his fans more proud of him. 

As he has now come out with huge fan following, we need to wait and watch how his career would shape up. Let us wish Kaushal Good luck for all his future endeavors.