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Tammareddy Bharadwaj On MAA Controversy!

11 months ago Tammareddy Bharadwaj On MAA Controversy!

Speaking on the controversy of MAA (Movie Artists Association), popular producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj expressed his unhappiness saying Naresh and Shivaji are very good people but they getting into such controversies and making it a public issue is very unfortunate.

He mentioned that the fund raising event which took place was conducted by a company with a contract of 1 crore rupees. But the media reports which came after the show declared that it was a flop, as people were not happy because the chief guest Chiranjeevi garu did not address on the special status issue. Even after knowing that the show was a flop, where is the point in saying that is the organizers sent amounts to MAA members out of the profits they got? Also he opined that as both of them are not guilty they would have accepted for the Fact Finding Committee proposal put up by Naresh.

He also said that as the allegations were made by Naresh, the tickets of the participants would be sponsored by the event organizers but not the association. Then, what is the necessity to bring that point in this discussion. Also the contract of the event was even signed by Naresh though unwillingly, and once he signed it he can’t question it now. He added that whatever said and done there is a committee to deal with such issues in MAA, and hence he requested both the parties to come for discussion and solve the issue in the committee itself rather than making it a public issue and degrading the dignity of MAA.