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Silence Is The Weapon For NTR!

11 months ago Silence Is The Weapon For NTR!

Can we imagine NTR who displays high emotions with powerful dialogues to be just silent? Can we understand that intense emotion hidden in that silence? Well, these two things can be witnessed by the audience very soon. A fresh news croped up regarding the movie 'Aravinda Sametha'. It seems that NTR would not have a single dialogue for the first half an hour of the movie. He would only open his mouth only when required said the director Trivikram. It is not a small thing to keep NTR like star just silent for a period of 30 mins, but Trivikram is daring to do that. He said that every small incident in the movie would make the people think. He also said that surely Aravinda Sametha is going to set a new trend in Telugu. Similar to the character of Mahesh in Athadu, where in he has very limited dialogues, NTR's character is also shaped up it seems. NTR is proficient in dialogue delivery while Trivikram is proficient in penning excellent dialogues for which he is called Magician of words. Well, how are these two going to allure the audience with limited dialogues is definitely a point of curiosity for the audience.