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Shaurya Enters The Mobile World!

11 months ago Shaurya Enters The Mobile World!

Young hero Naga Shaurya enters the mobile world. Don’t mistake that he is going to start any mobile company as such, what we wanted to convey is that he has finally bought a mobile for himself. Naga Shaurya has been staying away from the mobile phone for a very long time now. How could anyone stay without a mobile in this generation, how can he even survive? Isn’t it amazing?  Well, only he can answer these questions. But finally now, he has bought a new mobile for himself and posted a pic with it in the social media.

He wrote, “, "A smartphone in my hand after all these years..Did I enter a vicious world?" Well let us watch if this young chap would manage to use his mobile minimal and focus on other activities going around him, unlike Nani who keeps himself always busy with mobile as let out by Nagarjuna, his co-star in ‘Devadas’.

Well, mobile is an addiction for many and we just hope this young hero escapes from that. Coming to the work front, after the disastrous ‘Narthanasala’, Shaurya is moving ahead with two more films in hand. One being ‘Nari Nari Naduma Murari’ which is going to be helmed by a dubut director Raja Kolusu under the Bhavya Creations banner and another film titled ‘Ghana’ with yet another debut director Ramana Teja.