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Selfie Craze Causing Discomfort To Prabhas!

9 months ago Selfie Craze Causing Discomfort To Prabhas!

The craze for selfies has increased drastically these days and it has become a part of life. Common people enjoy selfies to the max but when it comes to celebrities and stars this craze seems to be irritating. 

Young Rebel Star Prabhas also seems to be having this problem. Prabhas got a Hollywood level recognition after the film ‘Bahubali’. He is a well recognized face not just in India but all over the world. Speaking in a recent interview Prabhas said that Indians residing in foreign countries are also troubling him a lot these days. He added that he lost his privacy because of the recognition he got world over. Though sometimes he feels good about it, at few times he feels to have lost his private life totally. He said that he carries around 50 Bandanas and 60 caps whenever he goes out. He said that without covering his face he is not able to go out freely. 

People need to understand the discomfort the stars face as they too need a personal space at times. Prabhas is currently working on ‘Saaho’ and another film in the direction of Radha Krishna Kumar.