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Samantha Says She Is Scared And Nervous … But Why?

10 months ago Samantha Says She Is Scared And Nervous … But Why?

The most talented and beautiful actress of recent times Samantha Akkineni is all set to get on floors for her next outing with Nandini Reddy. The movie is a Korean remake in which Sam is going to play the character of an 80 year old lady. In such early years of her career and this tender age, Sam taking up such intense role shows her guts and confidence levels.

Today she expressed her feelings on twitter saying “Prepping for my most interesting character yet… I’ve realized I get scared a lot. I am nervous all the time, but I have never not accepted a challenge. Sometimes, actually most times you are stronger than you think you are..#newbeginnings”

This discloses that she feels nervous and gets scared at times, but never hesitates to accept challenges. She gave a good message that a person is generally stronger than how strong he thinks he is. Sam accepting such diverse roles and going ahead in her career unlike many others who generally give up post marriage, is indeed very inspiring for the other actresses in the industry. Great going Sam! May you achieve many more great pinnacles in life.