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Prominent Political Personalities In NOTA?

11 months ago Prominent Political Personalities In NOTA?

Movies which are made with the backdrop of contemporary politics would always hit the chord with the audience. A movie which is coming on similar lines very soon is Vijay Devarakonda's NOTA. NOTA Seems to have showcased the south Indian politics to a large extent. Not just Tamil politics but even the politics of Telugu states are being included in the movie says the sources. There are also reports that the characters similar to KCR and KTR are included in the movie portryaing them in a positive manner it self. The situations during the state bifurcation and the after effects are also portraying in the movie according to the news spreading across. 

Also Jayalalitha's episode is going to be standing as a special attraction for the movie it seems. We are aware that she passed away in a hospital and reminding that incident few dialogues are penned it seems. Even the politics of Karnataka and Kerala are included in the story, if the sources are to be believed. To know if all these points are true we need to wait till october 5th.