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Prema Kadha Chitram 2 Coming Up!

10 months ago Prema Kadha Chitram 2 Coming Up!

‘Prema Kadha Chitra 2’ which was released in 2013 starring Sudheer Babu and Nandita was a massive hit as we all know. Now a sequel is coming up for this movie. Sumanth Ashwin, Nandita Swetha and Siddhi Idnani are playing crucial roles in this horror comedy. Director Harikishan is debuting with this movie which is bank rolled by R. Sudarshan Reddy.

Speaking recently the producer said,” The output of the movie has come out better than expected.And that is the reason that the satellite rights are being sold for a huge amount of 1.43 crores.” He added, “Prabhas Srinu and Vidhyullekha Raman’s combination would stand as the highlight for the movie.  We are planning to release the movie in Jan 2019. I am expecting that this movie would become a huge hit.”