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Our Tribute To 'Athiloka Sundari' !

2 years ago Our Tribute To 'Athiloka Sundari' !

Dear Sridevi,

We would love to call you Sridevi without any prefix/suffix as it gives a feeling that you are very close to our hearts. It is a feeling beyond words. You will always be that 16year teen girl in our hearts and minds. Whenever we are deprived of sleep your lullaby 'Surmai Akhiyo Mein' helped us. Should we sing that to you now? You have shown us something more than the 'Navarasas'. Maybe you were the only one in this whole world who is blessed with such talent. That naughty, innocent, kiddish, funny, joyful, stunningly beautiful face is no more?

You left our diary blank! You will not only be missed but we miss the joy of living without your presence in this temporary world.

Just give us a chance to show our gratitude for what you have contributed to the film industry. We are just normal humans who can just pray the same God who took you off.

Should we appreciate your beauty? Should we appreciate your acting skills? Should we appreciate your dancing style? Or should we just look into your eyes and simply get mesmerized. 

You are immortal in our hearts.

We love you forever.

Padma Sri, Sridevi Bonney Kapoor passes away last night in Dubai. She is 54 and survived by two daughters. Elder daughter Jhanvi is about to make her debut in Bollywood very soon. 

We pray God gives strength to her family and dear ones. 

May her soul REST IN PEACE!