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Operation 2019 Seems To Be Under Rated!

9 months ago Operation 2019 Seems To Be Under Rated!

Public Star Srikanth’s movie Operation 2019 seems to have become pretty under rated, as it had to withstand the mighty competition from Super star Rajini Kanth’s 2.O. Though both these movies have no comparison, it is but obvious for the public to prefer a bigger movie first.

Both these movies have a social message to pass on, which are closely connected to general public. One is regarding usage of cell phones while the other is casting your vote being a responsible citizen of the country. As 2.O is a high budget movie which is technically awesome and would obviously be the favorite of kids, the families would surely prefer watching that movie during the first weekend of the release. May be that is the reason, the turn up at Operation 2019 was a bit less. But as the mouth talk came out from those few who watched the first show of the movie, the momentum started increasing a bit.

People are saying that the movie has come out at the right time as the elections are fast approaching and is conveying a very good message to a voter. This marks actor Srikanth’s one of the best performances till date and he stood as the backbone of the film says the sources. Before getting to any conclusion on the movie, the unit is pleading to watch the movie and give a genuine feedback. Well, such movies are sure to be encouraged by not spreading negative publicity, if not giving them hype. Let us see, how far this movie can reach, with such positive public opinion.