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Nitya Menon Coming Up With A Unique Project!

1 year ago Nitya Menon Coming Up With A Unique Project!

Nitya Menon is well known for doing experimental films. She recently allured Telugu audience with such a kind of movie ‘AWE’ which managed to get critically acclaimed. She is all set to do a movie titled 'Praana' in the direction of V.K.Prakash who made films in four different languages till date including Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi.

This film has only character and Nitya is portraying that. She was hesitant initially to do this movie but the after listening to the entire story she accepted it. The movie would be made in four different languages, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. This would not be much difficult for Nitya as she is familiar with all these languages. It is just that she has to repeat the same dialogue in four different languages in four different shots.

Nop notch technicians also are getting roped into this project. Rasul Pukutti, the Oscar winning Sound designer accepted to do this unique project and Sync Surround Sound would be used in this movie. P C Sriram is going to be holding the camera for this thriller movie. Nithya is said to be playing the character of a writer in this movie for which music is given by Louis Banks. Let us wait and watch how Nitya is going to convince the audience yet again after the stupendous performance in ‘AWE’.