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New Dimension Of Arjun Reddy!

1 year ago New Dimension Of Arjun Reddy!

Vijay Devarakonda who is currently stealing our hearts with every movie of him took a different path for a little while, yet again to impress his fans and followers. The man who looked so rough and tough in Arjun Reddy is now searching for Joy and Happiness. Yes, you read it right! Vijay recently had a rendezvous with Sadguru Jaggy Vasudev. He wanted to clarify with the guru about what happiness is and how would a person who is happy look like. Sadhguru responded to this and has shared that video on social media. 

Talking to Sadhguru Vijay asked " Everybody is after money these days and feel that happiness lies in having money and are running behind it.Few says they find happiness in drinking alcohol, some feel it lies in enjoying with women, but where is the real happiness? How would a person who is happy look like?" He also added, don't tell that happiness lies within a man, it lies here , it lies there, please give a true answer". 

In reply to that Sadhguru said" You are a hill Vijay, and how can I make a hill happy. The man who is happy would be just like you and me..but it is a natural instinct. You said not to say that happiness lies within us, so I wouldn't say that. When your life comes to ease, happiness is a natural consequence. There are many ways to look at what coming to ease actually means. Every human experience has a chemical basis to it.Peace is one kind of chemistry and happiness is another kind of chemistry. Joy, mysery, agony, ecstasy all these are different kinds of chemistry. Every human experience has a chemical basis to it, or in other words you are very complex chemical soup. If you are a great soup you taste good for yourself and you feel the bliss in yourself then people say you are happy. If you learn to create a blissful chemistry within yourself you will be blissful". To get a clear picture on their conversation we better watch the video posted by Sadhguru himself on his twitter account. Everyone is appreciating the maturity Vijay has shown in inquiring about happiness.