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Nayan To Get Into Wedlock Soon?

11 months ago Nayan To Get Into Wedlock Soon?

Star heroine Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan's relation is not a surprise to anyone though they didn't offcially reveal it to the media. The pair has been seen on social media together as they shared the pictures of themselves very often. Recently both of them together visited Amritsar's Golden Temple and Vighnesh shared those pictures in his instagram. Recently while talking to media in an interview when he was asked if he would be marrying Nayanthara, he said that he doesn't know and he would ask him mother and Nayan and then inform everyone. He said he is very happy and proud about Nayan. He said he is lucky to have met her and added that she is a very inspiring woman. He also said that she went through a lot of troubles in her life and has learnt to face them and balance them. He said that he doubts if such self confidence could be seen in anyone else. "She is a very strong human being and I respect her a lot" said he.