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Naresh Shares About SuperStar!

1 year ago Naresh Shares About SuperStar!

Allari Naresh is working in a multi-starrer ‘Maharshi’ with Super Star Mahesh as we all know in the direction of Vamshi Paidipalli. Mahesh seems to be in his own world and away from all the gossips and controversies in the industry. That doesn’t mean he is not close to anyone. We all are aware that he has quite a good number of friends in the industry as well, like NTR and Charan.

When asked about Mahesh’s behavior on sets Allari Naresh, who is working with him for the first time revealed few interesting facts. He said, “It is a wrong notion to say that Mahesh is an introvert. He is jovial and very smart. You can't imagine how he will crack you up but he has a high sense of humour. Working with him is a learning experience for me. My character in the film is very important like Gaali Seenu in ‘Gamyam’. In that film, even though I am not the hero, the emotion made it memorable. Here too there is good emotion in my character. I have worked with Mahesh for 45 days and still have to work for about 100 days. We will again start shooting together in October. More than this, I can't reveal anything as Mahesh warned me not to.”

This shows that people who act with Mahesh will get know more about him and clear all the inhibitions, thinking he would trough tantrums being a super star. He is just a wonderful human being who tries to do whatever he can for the society and just stays away from controversies, spending more time with his family when ever time permits. He is a true super star.