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Nani Practicing Cricket For Jersey!

1 year ago Nani Practicing Cricket For Jersey!

Nani's latest movie 'Devadas' is to hit the screens today. Speaking on the occasion Nani revealed about his next project 'Jersery'. He said," I would be seen as a full fledged cricketer in this movie..not as a bowler but a bats man. Until my tenth standard I used to play cricket but stopped later. After so many years I am again holding the bat. I am practicing for three and a half hours everyday for this movie. The very fact that, in my house there lies all the equipment which a professional cricketer would have, can make you understand in which range I am practicing for this movie. After this movie, if they arrange a Tollywood cricket match I would surely stand out as the best player. I would be seen fresh and new in this movie..My character would be new..We are going to launch this movie on the auspicious Dussehra Day." 

Taking about Devadas Nani said, " How would I miss a chance to act with my favorite actor Nagarjuna, and to act in a Vyjanthi Movies film? Without a second though I accepted this project. But since the day I accepted the movie, I was in tension as to how to behave with Nag sir..How would he treat me..How to act in his combination and all..but he made me relieved from all my tensions right on the first day...He encouraged me a lot." "The credit which my character would get after the release of the movie, would solely belong to him" he added.