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Nag To Walk In Aravind’s Steps?

10 months ago Nag To Walk In Aravind’s Steps?

Telugu film industry is under metamorphosis off late. Popular production houses are working towards encouraging fresh talent and bringing a change in the routine genres of Tollywood. Though they are not directly getting involved with their reputed banners in making films with new people, they are trying to encourage them by starting up different wings of their production houses.

Similar move was made by the popular production house of Allu Aravind ‘Geetha Arts’. They started another wing called 'GA2' and are producing low budget films. GA2 has seen success in this process as well.

Watching this success, even Senior hero and producer Akkineni Nagarjuna seems to have got inspired. He was looking after Annapurna Studios after his brother Venkat Akkineni got busy with other ventures. Now Nag is planning to start a new division apart from Annapurna and Manam Enterprises. This new venture would encourage new film makers and also would provide opportunities for those who are graduating out from their own Annapurna Film School. This new venture is reportedly going to start functioning from next year.