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Manoj Broke A Hand For NTR!

10 months ago Manoj Broke A Hand For NTR!

Manoj Manchu is one of the heroes who is always active on social media. He keeps retweeting the tweets which he like and also keeps responding to the trolls and messages from the followers in a very sportive manner. Recently there was a tweet to Manoj asking him to talk about an incident which happened in his childhood. A tweeter asked ‘When someone beat jr NTR in your childhood you seemed to have went in his rescue and broke the hand of that person, is it true?” For which Manoj replied, “You better put this question to Tarak, he would be able to answer this better than me”. This shows the bond which Manoj shared with Tarak since his childhood. We have seen him being supportive during the time of Tarak’s grief recently, when his father expired. May their friendship stay strong forever.