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'Majini' Video Leaked Leaving Samantha In Shock!

9 months ago 'Majini' Video Leaked Leaving Samantha In Shock!

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are roped in as a lead pair for the first time after their wedding in a film titled 'Majili' helmed by Siva Nirvana, 'Ninnu Kori' fame. A scene in which Chay and Sam are seen discussing sitting in a house has leaked. It was posted in twitter by a die hard fan of Samantha. He tweeted that he felt great watching that scene and asked  if she was sharing any secret with Chaitanya. He added that he is desperately waiting for the movie 'Majili'. Watching this Samantha replied with a 'shock' emoji. Later that tweet was deleted.