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MAA Controversy Heating Up!

1 year ago MAA Controversy Heating Up!

Senior hero Naresh has raised some allegations on the president of Movie Artists Association (MAA) Sivaji Raja, saying he has misused the funds collected from the fund raising event conducted at USA few weeks back. A war of words is going on between two groups of MAA.

While the president claims that if it is proved that he has used a single paisa out of the funds, he would give away all his property to MAA and also sweared on his children saying he is innocent. Hero Srikanth also went in support of him saying if they are proved guilty of at least misusing five paisa from the funds he would never come to MAA again and would resign from the membership.

Countering these statements even Naresh called for a press meet and showed some evidences on the expenses made by MAA during the event and told how he was kept away from all the proceedings during that event.  He called for a fact finding committee to be put up to find out the truth.

Well, whatever said and done, this is very unfortunate to see the differences between these people who are liable for doing some welfare activities for the benefit of movie artists. Hope this controversy subsides soon.