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Keerthy Goes Nithya Way?

11 months ago Keerthy Goes Nithya Way?

Film industry is glamour based, which none of us can deny. Having an acting talent may help only if glamour adds to it, for sustaining for a long period in the film industry. We have seen many such instances where wonderful actors and actresses were deprived of offers just because they lost shape. Starting right from Mahanati Savithri to the recent times Nitya Menon, we have seen the offers declining as they added the extra pounds. Another actress who seems to be joining that list is none other than the one who played Mahanati on screen, Keerthi Suresh. Seems like her offers are getting decreased in Tollywood where glamour plays a key role along with acting talent.

However in Tamil the audience embrace healthy looking chubby actresses as well. After Mahanati Keerthi is not having any Telugu movie on her list except for NTR Biopic in which she is again playing the chubby Savithri garu, though she is busy doing Tamil movies. She is acting with Vikram in 'Saami 2' and also with Vishal in 'Pandemkodi 2'. Well, not sure if it is her dates problem or her putting on weight, what ever may be the reason, Telugu audience will not be able to see her on screen for a while now.