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Keerthy Denies Her Friend For RRR?

10 months ago Keerthy Denies Her Friend For RRR?

Keerthy Suresh has risen to stardom with the massive hit of the movie Mahanati, in which she played the character of Mahanati Savithri in such a convincing manner that we can’t imagine anyone else in her role. She suddenly has become the most sought after actress after the success of this film. Though she changed the genre and did some meaty roles after Mahanati in Tamil, she didn’t do any straight Telugu movie after that.

Now her friend Nani, who was her co-star in ‘Nenu Local’ was expecting her to pair with him again in Chandrasekhar Yeleti’s film but she seems to have other plans. She seems to have refused the film for reasons unknown. Rumors are now cropping up that may be she is in talks for the massive multistarrer RRR which requires her bulk dates, and hence might have refused this movie. Well these are just speculations; until she reveals it we would not know the reason.