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Kaushal Considered For Guinness Record?

1 year ago Kaushal Considered For Guinness Record?

Bigg Boss 2 has come to an end after a lot of fan war and the flood of votes pouring in for the contestants. Mainly Kaushal Manda the winner was on rage since the beginning of the show, as he stood by his words of just playing the game with his wit and strength but not by building relations with the fellow house mates. 

With the negativity he got in the house, he gained a lot of sympathy and managed to form a strong fan base in the public. People liked him for what he was and supported him through out by forming an army and voting rapidly. 

Unlike the previous season, BiggBoss makers haven't revealed the number of votes the finalists bagged in this season. There are speculations that there was a huge difference in the first place and second place contestants. A source says that out of 11 crore votes poled for finals, the winner Kaushal alone received 8 Crore votes while the four others together received 4 crores. However this news is not official. 

On the other hand, the winner Kaushal himself said that he was approached by the Guinness Book of World Records people for being the only contestant of a reality show on TV in the entire world to have received so many votes from public. 

If this is really true then Kaushal would be remembered for the life time in the history of Indian Television. His generous nature is also receiving huge appreciation as he announced to donate his prize amount of 50 lakhs to the cancer patients. Let us wait for the official announcement regarding this Guinness record.