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Is Sam Going Against The Tollywood Director?

6 months ago Is Sam Going Against The Tollywood Director?

All of us are aware that there is a controversy going on in terms of the direction of the movie ‘Manikarnika’. While our very own Tollywood Talent Krish says that he had directed most of the film, Kangana who took over the direction after Krish has left the scene says that she did ninety percent of the direction. However Krish recently opened up and discussed her differences with Kangana publicly. With this some of his fans and the Tollywood people are extending their support to him. But till now no star hero gave a statement in support to Krish.

But star hero Nagarjuna’s daughter in-law Samantha Akkineni gave a reply to the tweet of Kangana’s sister Rangoli and appreciated her work very much. She said, “It has been 2 days and I can't get her performance out of my mind  ...the only explanation I can give myself is that she must have been 'possessed ' it couldn't have been an act it just couldn't . Please congratulate her and tell her she has our greatest support “. This indicates that she has extended her support to Kangana but never appreciated the work of Krish who might have extracted that performance from Kangana, feels the fans of the talented director Krish. Also it is heard that Raghavendra Rao who is a relative of Krish has questioned Nagarjuna regarding this deed of his daughter in-law says the sources.