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Is Prabhas Doing Venky's Story?

11 months ago Is Prabhas Doing Venky's Story?

Stories keep moving door to door in film industry which is quite common. There have been instances of one star refusing a film and another star accepting it and making it a big hit. One such incident seems be repeating in Tollywood now. A movie which was supposed to be done by Venkatesh and got cancelled due to budget issues seems to have come now to Prabhas. 'Jil' fame Radha Krishna Kumar has made changes to the story to suit the body language of Prabhas and is now going ot come up with this story in an innovative way. 

UV Creations is going to bankroll this project says the sources. 

Coming to the genre of this movie, there is an interesting news in circulation. It seems that the story revolves around astrology and palmistry. It is touted to be a story of 1970's which is connected to the current generation. This seems to be a thriller movie which has ample action elements included in it. Let us see if Prabhas can get a success with this story which Venky missed.