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Dil Raju Puts Ravi Teja In Suspense!

7 months ago Dil Raju Puts Ravi Teja In Suspense!

‘F2’ which was released under the presentation of Dil Raju was released last month and bagged a huge success. The movie which released on 12th of Jan is still continuing to collect excessively as there are no major releases after that. On this occasion, Dil Raju spoke to the media. When asked if there would be a sequel ‘F3’ for this movie and if Ravi Teja would be casting in this movie, he said that surely a sequel would be there with the title ‘F3’ and it would be released for 2021 Sankranthi. He also said that Venkatesh and Varun Tej would be accompanied with another hero as well, but can’t right now say if it would be Ravi Teja or not. He said that only after the script is finalized they can come to any conclusion on the casting.