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Comedian's Ridiculous Act of Trolling Superstar!

1 year ago Comedian's Ridiculous Act of Trolling Superstar!

A comedian Manoj hailing from Chennai dared to pass disrespectful and annoying comments on super star Mahesh Babu. Not sure if he is aware of the popularity Mahesh has got through out India, as this person has passed unacceptable comments on Mahesh Babu. He dared to pass a comment saying 'Mahesh is a male version of Katrina Kaif'. He went on saying that Mahesh doesn't show emotions at all on his face and while showing the two huge rocks in the climax of 'spyder', he said they reflect Mahesh. 

He passed very humiliating comments on the talented actor and seems to be unaware of the acting skills Mahesh posses. Wish some one makes him watch Mahesh's 'Nijam', 'BAN', 'Murari', 'Nenokkadine' and why only these, Mahesh is indeed a wonderful actor and how can any one just dare do such heinous acts. 

Fans are obviously quite furious over this and are trolling back keeping RIP posters for him all over and the hash tag #RIPManojPrabhakar is trending on twitter now. Not sure why these people can't create comedy without degrading anyone's respect. Would this same person dare to comment in such a manner on any of Tamil heroes? This is highly unacceptable and better he apologizes publicly before the fury even rises further.