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Cinematic Climax For 'Syeraa'?

1 year ago Cinematic Climax For 'Syeraa'?

After the magnum opus 'Bahubali', the movie which bagged that much craze is none other than megastar's 'Syeraa'. The movie is being made with high technical values with a whopping budget of around 200 crores. The story is a biopic of the first ever freedom fighter Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy. The teaser released on the occasion of Megastar's birthday has raised the expectations on the movie to the next level.

The story is based on some literature found on the freedom fighter along with some cinematic drama added to it. British hanged Narasimha Reddy to the fort entrance which marks a very crucial scene in the movie. But the makers are now in confusion if they should conclude the movie with this anti climax or extend it a little further by showing some montage shots of people like Alluri Seetharama Raju who got inspired by Narasimha Reddy. Serious discussion is going on in the unit regarding the same and final decision is yet to be made.