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Charan's Movie In Exotic Locations!

1 year ago Charan's Movie In Exotic Locations!

Directors usually believe that any movie would succeed not just because of its story and screenplay but also the locations in which it is shot. To tell an old story in a new style too, locations play a major role and hence the makers take extra care on choosing them. Especially for the movies of star heroes the directors take extra care on choosing right locations. 

Ram Charan is doing a movie with Boyapati as we all know and the director who was searching for some good locations to shoot few crucial scenes has finally zeroed up on one, which is nothing but Azerbaijan which is one of the biggest countries of Eastern Europe.This location is recently getting developed as a tourist destination. There are some very beautiful locations in Azerbaijan where Ram Charan would be shooting soon. This is going to be a 30 day long schedule it seems. Charan is going to reach there within next two days says the sources.