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Chandni's Memory In Swiss!

1 year ago Chandni's Memory In Swiss!

Chandni..the name reminds not of the moon but a star with moon like beauty our very own Sridevi. She has been a part of many beautiful songs picturized in scenic locations all around the globe. With her movie Chandni Yash Raj films started capturing the beauty of Swiss locations to complement the beauty of this diva. Though earlier in 1964 Rajkapoor first shot in Switzerland, the place became iconic with the entry of Yash Chopra who had shot many song there starting with Sridevi's Chandni, from late 80s to early 90s. 

Swiss government has honored him by installing his statue there at Interlaken. Swiss has become a popular tourist destination after many of the Bollywood movies being shot there and the maximum number of tourists who visit that country would be from India. Last year alone around 3,36,000 tourists visited Swiss only from Indian. 

To show gratitude to the popularity brought up to their country from the Bollywood and Sridevi the Swiss government is now planning to instill a statue of her too. This is indeed a great honor for this departed soul. Her glory prevails where ever she is.