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Boyapati Started Arguing?

7 months ago Boyapati Started Arguing?

Director Boyapati Srinivas, who helmed Ram Charan’s ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ is sternly saying that the movie is a hit and has bagged good collections. He is saying that few people are unnecessarily and intentionally propagating it to be a flop. He also expressed unhappiness on Charan writing a letter to his fans and said doing that without his permission is like disrespecting and degrading him. Seems like he wants to question that where in the law is it mentioned that the director has to return his remuneration if the movie flops. He reminded that earlier few films flopped under Danayya’s production but none of those directors returned the remuneration.  Looks like this is now just not the question of those 5 crores but the issue has now turned out into an ego clash. Danayya is insisting Boyapati to return the amount while Boyapati seems to be reluctant to do that. Looks like this problem would become more serious, according to the film circles.