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Aravinda Schedule Changed For Tarak's Convenience!

1 year ago Aravinda Schedule Changed For Tarak's Convenience!

We are all aware that Tarak had to go for a foreign schedule for song picturisations for the movie 'Aravinda Sametha'. Right now the talky part is almost about to finish and the unit is getting ready to go with Songs shoot next. Now that Tarak had a huge loss in his family recently,keeping in consideration that he has to be close to his family in these days of grief, the director Trivikram has made some changes in the schedule. The team would shoot two song in Hyderabad itself for the time being before going to the outdoor location. 

Tarak has got back to sets with in two days of his father's demise in a tragic accident and proved his dedication towards his profession. He didn't want the team to suffer because of him and wanted to finish the movie so that they can release it for Dassehra as per plan. He needs special appreciation for this gesture of him and we pray for more strength to him and his family once again.