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Another Murder Mystery Coming Up!

11 months ago Another Murder Mystery Coming Up!

Senior hero Rajasekhar as we all know has come back to form with the movie ‘Garudavega’. And Prashanth Varma impressed the audience with his experimental debut film ‘Awe’. Now a movie is coming up in the combination of these two which is titled as ‘Kalki’ regarding which we reported earlier. C.Kalyan and Rajasekhar’s daughter Sivani and Sivathmika are producing this movie jointly.

The movie seems to be a period film based in 1983 and it seems to be a murder mystery. The shooting for this movie is going to start shortly at Hyderabad for which a hug set has been erected in the outskirts of the city says the sources. Art director Nagendra Prasad is working on this set. The unit is in the process of selecting the female lead for this movie and seems they have two, three names in consideration.