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Allu Arjun Shows His Big Heart!

10 months ago Allu Arjun Shows His Big Heart!

We are all aware that recently Allu Arjun has thrown a grand party to congratulate the team of Taxiwaala which was produced by his former PRO, SKN. He even attended the pre-release event of the movie where in he wished the team all the success.

As expected the movie got released with a good hype after the event and has received grand success. After the success, the stylish star threw a success party for which all the team of Taxiwaala attended.

It seems, during the occasion Allu Arjun apologized to the director of the movie Rahul Sankrityan. The young director himself revealed this. Rahul said,” A director must always be respected, but I forgot to mention your name on the stage. So please accept my apology. This was what Allu Arjun had told me at Taxiwaala success party”. The young director seems to have got touched with this gesture of the stylish star. Such acts do display the big heart of this mega hero.  

Meanwhile Taxiwaala is doing extremely well and is expected to continue so till the release of 2.0 without any hindrances. The release of small movies like ‘24 Kisses’ and ‘Rangu’ may not have an impact on its collections. Well, we have to wait and watch though, who knows, these days small films are surprising the audience and film circles to a great extent with their unique content and taking. So we cannot under estimate any film these days. Good days for Telugu Cinema.