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‘118’ Trailer Is Enthralling!

7 months ago ‘118’ Trailer Is Enthralling!

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram starrer ‘118’ movie’s trailer got release just a while ago. The movie seems to be an intriguing suspense thriller which revolvers around a dream. Kalyan seems to be investigating on a dream he gets and trying to figure out the girl he watches in his dream. Mystery, Romance, Action and Suspense … seems to be the focus points in the movie. Kalyan seems to have got perfectly fit in the character while Shalini Panday who is playing his romantic interest looks cute as ever.

Nivetha is playing that mysterious girl whom he keeps watching in his dreams. The number 1:18 which is shown in the clock seems to be the curiosity rising point in the trailer.  To know the significance of that number and to watch the mystery of that dream girl unfold we need to wait until March 1st to watch the movie in theaters. K V Guhan has helmed this project under the East Coast Productions banner. Let us hope Kalyan bags a hit at least with this movie as he got disappointed with his previous film ‘Na Nuvve’.